Friday, February 17, 2017

Weekend Green #2

There is only a very little green in our area now
 but yesterday the cold has ended 
and we hope for spring soon. 

Happy green weekend

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  1. Hallo Mascha,
    also, ich habe meinen Beitrag verlinkt, aber zu sehen ist leider nix ;-(
    Dann habe ich es nochmal versucht, da hieß es dann, mein Link wäre schon vorhanden ???
    Bitte kontrolliere das noch mal.
    Irgendwann wird es dann schon klappen.
    ♥lichst Jutta

  2. We have nothing green outside, but will be ... very soon :)

  3. Hello Mascha, I hope Spring comes to your part of the world soon. We enjoyed a lovely warm Summer day here in Melbourne:

  4. We are having nice weather here, but I'm sure winter isn't over. I like the green you found. Looks nice against the white snow.

  5. ...this will be my green view when I return to New York State.

  6. It's very promising.. nice photos :-)

  7. it is pretty much the same where I live.